How to wear sequins for daytime without overdoing it?

When you hear the word sequins, your mind may immediately drift to images of glitzy red carpet ensembles or glamorous evening parties. But, sequins are no longer limited to the realm of night-time events or holiday festivities. With a few strategic style choices, you can incorporate sequins into your daytime outfits without appearing overdressed. You might be skeptical or wary of taking this fashion leap, but don’t worry, we have you covered. Below, you will find detailed guidelines on how to incorporate sequins into your casual day wear, ensuring that you stay stylish and not over-the-top.

Break Up the Shine

One of the best ways to wear sequins during the day is by breaking up the shine. This means pairing your sequin pieces with more casual, less shiny attire. The contrast helps to tone down the glitz, rendering it more suitable for daylight hours.

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For instance, imagine a sequin skirt, shining bright and embellished. Wearing it with a flashy top will only enhance the glittery effect, making it inappropriate for daily wear. Instead, swap out the glitzy top with a casual, plain shirt. The simplicity of the shirt will balance out the shine of the sequin skirt, creating a look that is both casual and chic. To complete the outfit, add a pair of simple black shoes or boots.

Pair with Denim

Denim and sequins? Yes, it might sound unorthodox, but hear us out. Denim has a rugged, laid-back vibe that can beautifully counterbalance the glitz and glamour of sequins. The trick is to keep the rest of the outfit relatively subdued to let the sequin piece shine without overpowering.

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Consider pairing a sequin top with your favorite pair of jeans. The denim will ground the outfit, while the sequin top will add a touch of sparkle. This combination strikes the perfect balance between casual and dressy, making it ideal for daytime wear. You can also throw on a denim jacket over a sequin dress or skirt for an effortlessly cool look.

Keep Accessories Minimal

Remember, when wearing sequins during the day, less is more. This principle should also be applied to your accessories. The shiny, reflective nature of sequins already draws substantial attention. Hence, it’s important to keep your accessories minimal to avoid looking overly dressed.

Swap out your statement jewelry pieces for more subtle options. Think simple rings, delicate necklaces, or thin bracelets. Similarly, opt for bags and shoes in neutral colors like black, beige, or white. These will complement your sequin outfit without stealing the spotlight.

Opt for Smaller Sequins

The size of the sequins can significantly impact the overall look of your outfit. Generally, smaller sequins are less shiny and therefore, more suitable for daytime wear. Large sequins, on the other hand, tend to reflect more light and can make you look overly flashy.

Go for pieces with small, tightly-packed sequins for your daytime attire. These will add just the right amount of sparkle without making you look like a disco ball. You could wear a top with small sequins under a solid-colored blazer for a sophisticated daytime look, or a dress adorned with tiny sequins paired with a casual jacket and boots.

Stick to Neutral or Dark Colors

The color of your sequin piece also matters. While bright, colorful sequins might be perfect for a night out or a party, they can be too much for the daytime. Stick to sequins in neutral or dark colors for a more toned-down look.

Black sequins, for instance, reflect less light and hence, are less shiny. A black sequin top paired with a neutral-colored skirt or trousers can make for a stylish, daytime-appropriate outfit. You can also opt for sequins in shades of gray, navy, or brown. These colors will still give you the desired sparkle, but in a more subtle, understated way.

Through understanding and implementing these style guidelines, you can successfully incorporate sequins into your daytime wardrobe. Remember, the key is to balance the shine of the sequins with more subdued pieces and accessories. This way, you can enjoy the sparkle of sequins during the day without feeling overdressed.

Balancing Sequins and Basics

A practical method for managing the sparkle of sequins during daytime is to balance them with basic items from your wardrobe. The goal is to subdue the shine of your sequin pieces, making them suitable for day-to-day wear.

Start by considering a sequin dress. While such a piece may typically be worn for evening events, you can cleverly transform it for daytime wear by layering it with basic items. Throw on a casual pair of leggings or opaque tights under the sequin dress to dial down its glitz. Pairing it with a solid-colored cardigan or a slouchy knit sweater can also bring a more relaxed vibe to the outfit. A pair of boots or simple flats can complete the look, keeping it grounded and wearable for daytime.

Sequin pants or a sequin skirt can also work for the day if paired with basics. You could wear sequin pants with a simple white tee and a denim jacket for a cool, casual look. A sequin skirt could be paired with a chunky knit sweater and ankle boots. In both cases, the sparkle of the sequins is balanced with more casual, plain pieces, making the outfits suitable for the day.

The key to pulling off this look is remembering to balance the shiny sequin pieces with more muted, basic items. This way, you can confidently wear sequins during the day without feeling too flashy.

Transitioning from Day to Night

One of the best things about sequins is their versatility. With the right styling, you can easily transition your sequin outfit from day to night, making the most out of your sequin pieces.

Picture this: you have a business meeting during the day and a dinner party at night. A sequin top paired with a structured blazer and tailored trousers can work for both occasions. During the day, the blazer and trousers keep the look professional and understated, despite the sequin top. For the evening, you can simply remove the blazer, change into strappy heels, and add some statement jewelry to transition the outfit for the night.

Similarly, a sequin skirt can be worn with a button-down shirt and loafers for a daytime look. For the night, swap the button-down for a silk camisole, add some high heels and you’re ready for a night out. The trick is to plan your outfit so that with just a few tweaks, you can transform your sequin daytime look into a fabulous night-time ensemble.

The versatility of sequins makes them a fantastic choice for days when you need to transition from a daytime event to an evening one. It’s all about balancing the sparkle of the sequins during the day, and then amping it up for the night.


It’s clear that wearing sequins is not limited to glitzy parties or the holiday season. With a few smart style choices and a bit of creativity, you can incorporate sequins into your daytime wardrobe in a chic and tasteful way. The key is to break up the shine and balance the sequins with more subdued, casual pieces. Pairing sequins with denim, keeping accessories minimal, opting for smaller sequins, and sticking to neutral or dark colors are all effective strategies. Moreover, don’t forget that sequins offer the versatility of transitioning your outfit from day to night with just a few quick changes. So why wait till Black Friday to grab those sequin dresses and tops? Add some sparkle to your everyday outfits and enjoy the versatility of wearing sequins both during the day and at night!