What kind of jewelry to give a woman?

Any occasion is a good reason to give a woman a piece of jewelry: birthday, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, wedding, birth, etc. So there's always a reason to give a woman a nice gift. So there's always an excuse to give a lovely gift to a woman. The most important thing is to make the right choice and leave a lasting impression. Here are a few ideas for jewelry that women adore! 

XXL necklaces

Gold necklaces with large links, rough necklaces transformed into long necklaces or flashy chokers with tassels are becoming increasingly fashionable. If you're looking to please an extroverted woman with a passion for fashion, you can be sure you're making the right choice by opting for this accessory. The Spencer Barbosa jewelry line also offers some magnificent XXL necklaces. 

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Here, the idea is not to magnify décolleté or enhance a face, but rather to create a wow effect!  For those who prefer subtlety, short, slender necklaces in mother-of-pearl or precious stones will always retain their sophistication and elegance for any occasion.

Gemstone jewelry

Why not give a piece of jewelry set with precious stones? Each stone has its own meaning. 

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Amazonite, with its turquoise hue, is a symbol of peace and bravery. 

According to Greek beliefs, landscape jasper represents Gaia, the goddess of the earth. 

Transparency, wisdom and purity are symbols attributed to rock crystals. 

Carnelian represents charm, bliss and spontaneity. 

Labradorite is another special stone, showing different reflections ranging from golden to metallic blue. Its name derives from its geographical origin: Labrador in Canada. 

Fancy earrings: an original gift 

When choosing a piece of jewelry, it's important to take into account the preferences and personality of the recipient. If you're looking for something different, perhaps more symbolic, then opt for fancy earrings!

An elegant ring 

It's also possible to give a ring, which is a must-have for every woman. However, the choice of ring is more delicate. In addition to considering the size of the finger, it's also essential to know the recipient's preferences. 

Earrings can be hidden under the hair, a bracelet can be hidden under the sleeves of a sweater, but a ring is always visible. So, to avoid mistakes, it's important to find out about the future owner's tastes and skin tone. Whether silver or gold, slender or imposing, with small stones or pearls, be meticulous in your selection. 

A fine bracelet 

Bracelets are also among the best pieces of jewelry to give a woman. Whether worn individually or layered with other accessories, it can perfectly complement different outfits and add a refined touch. You can choose between thin and thick models, with one or more rows, and so on. An accumulation of bracelets in different styles is an excellent idea.